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Cathy Rasenberger recognized in CableWorld's "Cable's Most Powerful Women 2006"
CableWorld, 11-13-2006
This power list is a round-up of the most influential people in the industry.
Cathy Rasenberger ranks 34 in CableFAX 100 for 2004
Cable FAX Magazine, 12-2004
Debuting each December, the CableFAX 100 profiles "Cable's 100 Heavy Hitters," the top cable industry influences.
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30 New Networks Competing for Cable Operators' Attention
Jack Myers,, 6-18-04
At the recent National Cable Television Association convention, thirty new digital networks announced plans to launch within the next 24-months...
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Dream Merchant
John M. Higgins, Broadcasting & Cable, 5-31-04
Cable consultant Cathy Rasenberger thought she had heard it all. But this was the worst idea yet: Hooters restaurant chain wanted to start a channel...
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Outoor's Expedition May Lead to Sale
Mike Farrell, Multichannel News, 8-28-06
Outdoor Channel Holdings recently hired two experienced industry consultants to mine more value out of the fledgling network.
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Stern Serious About VOD TV
James Hibberd, Television Weekly, 7-25-05
Host in talks with Comcast for trailblazing video version of radio show.
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The Agony and the Ecstasy
The Economist, 6-30-05
LOGO is hardly America's first gay TV...
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Are Indepentents' Days Over?
Shirley Brady,
CableWORLD, 6-20-05
The Ice Channel isn't the only would-be digital cable network to have called it quits in the last year. The trouble is that this year may be even harder for those hopefuls...
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New Twist for Cable
Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post, 1-02-05
The Anime Network has been one of the early successes on the free on-demand platform, which has helped the company reach its second goal: launching as a 24/7 service. But going from on demand to linear, a first for any content company, isn't Anime's end game...
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Anime Network Proves Its Might on Linear and VOD
Shirley Brady, CableWORLD, 12-06-04
Offering VOD and linear together is "the magic combination" says Cathy Rasenberger of Rasenberger media, which handles Anime's distribution. "Fans get new programming on the 24/7 channel and can watch something over and over again on VOD"
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Commercial Television in Britain Means Just That
Nat Ives, New York Times, 7-26-04
Television commercials have become so fashionable in Britain that a new satellite network, the Advert Channel, has begun showing them 24 hours a day.
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Better living through TV?
John Reinan, Star Tribune, 7-11-04
"I am convinced that there are very few remaining underserved markets in the cable industry," Rasenberger said, "but there's one major one: the self-help, life-improvement space."
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Emerging Networks
The Bridge, 07-04
Money is the Holy Grail. Niche is a dirty word. And, yeah, they'll probably want a piece of your hide. Welcome to the wonderful world of emerging networks...
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Oh La A La! In the Pitts on Program Choice
The Bridge, 07-04
If a la carte is like a premium service, you'll have to sell it and resell it each month. That makes special interest networks a thing of the past.
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Attention New Networks!
Shirley Brady, CableWORLD, 6-21-04
Here's everything you need to know to get a carriage deal with Comcast...step by step from Amy Banse and Matt Bond...
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The Final Frontier
Allison Romano, Broadcasting & Cable, 5-03-04
At the National Cable & Telecommunications Association's annual gathering, wannabe cable networks pitch hard. But few will turn up on your cable listings...
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Who's the Next Jokevision?
Shirley Brady, CableWORLD, 5-03-04
The surest sign of spring in the cable industry is the hope in the air this week at the National Show, where at least 35 new services will be working the floor and that's a conservative estimate of independents in waiting. That doesn't even include pending channels from media conglomerates ...
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Start-Up Networks Considering VOD as Strategy
James Hibberd, Television Week, 5-03-04
Cable operators are increasingly pushing start-up network entrepreneurs to accept a tempting alternative to traditional distribution: launching as a video-on-demand-only network...
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Crunch Time for Cable Start-Ups
James Hibberd, Television Week, 5-03-04
Entrepreneurs with dreams of launching a cable network will flood New Orleans this week for the National Show, but insiders say this year could be the toughest yet for an independent programmer to obtain distribution...
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Want to Start a TV Channel? See Amy Banse
George Anders, Wall Street Journal, 1-19-04
Lots of people dream of starting cable-television channels that will show their favorite programming round the clock. Serious contenders end up talking to Amy Banse...
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Seeking The Perfect Niche
The Bridge, 09-03
the big-gun slots of today's bandwidth programming scene are tightly packed. But that hardly means the opportunities are all gone...
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